Do you know that sinking feeling when you sneeze and realize you’ve wet your pants? Or cough or laugh really hard. It’s not a fun feeling. If you’re a little older or if you’ve had children, you may be way too familiar with this.

There are all sorts of Ben-Wa balls  available, but I want to tell you about Gballs, because the app that comes with this makes “exercising” so much fun if what you’re looking to do is stop with the pants wetting. Now, of course, there are other reasons to use them. Exercising your Kegels can get you in shape to have much better orgasms, and that is nothing to sneeze at. (Pun intended.)

The Gballs device is inserted into your vagina and has an antenna that hangs outward that communicates with an app on your phone. The app leads you through timed exercises and will show you the progress you are making. Being a techie, I find this fascinating.  It is always nice, when trying to lose weight or when trying to improve fitness, to have something to look at so that you get a pat on the back when you make progress.

i’m going to share with you a little clip of what the app looks like and also show you a couple other offerings that we have along the lines of Ben-Wa balls.