An Intimate Tickles party is anything but ordinary!

Host a Party

If you’re looking for ways to kick your love life up a notch but aren’t comfortable walking into a local store to ask questions, then an Intimate Tickles party is perfect for you.  In the privacy of your home with your good friends, you can taste, smell, sample, and feel the buzzzzz, experiencing the products personally while having tons of laughs with your friends. Orders are placed in a private area, so no one’s privacy is violated as to what tickled their fancy.


As the hostess, all you have to do is provide very simple snacks — no major cooking production required.  You invite the guests, and your consultant takes care of the rest as you sit back and enjoy the party.

What’s in it for you?  You can earn 10-20% in free product credits based on your party’s retail sales.  It’s as simple as that!  With a qualifying party of $500, you will receive an absolutely free toy and your choice of a half-price item from our Hostess 1/2 Price List.

Catalog Party
What if you do not feel like cleaning the house and buying munchies or you can’t budge the hubby out of the house when you’d like to have a party? Have a catalog party! All you have to do is pass out catalogs to family and friends, giving them your unique shopping URL so you get credit for their purchases. Can’t beat that for easy.

Don’t feel like cleaning the house and serving munchies?  Consider having a catalog party or an event on Facebook where you can still have fun with your friends but save yourself the extra work.

Online Event
What if your friends are scattered all over the country but you know they’d enjoy these products? We set up a Facebook event so you can chat back and forth, and I’ll present the products there. You still get hostess credits for retail sales, and you have a nice opportunity to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while.