Enhance those intimate moments in life!

It's love. It's romance. It's connection.

What could be more fun than spending time giggling with your girlfriends?

Don't want to fuss with hosting? How about a catalog party?

Romance is not dead. Sometimes it just needs a little nudge.

Thousands of products to choose from, plus education and tips

Ladies Only Gatherings, Co-Ed, and Theme Parties

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Intimate Tickles is dedicated to empowering men and women by offering comfortable and safe opportunities, via their consultants, to learn about sexual health and products designed to enhance the romance in their lives, leading to the strengthening of their relationships.

We offer over 1,000 items (ranging from mild to extreme) including bath, body, and massage, sensation-enhancing gels, and romantic playtime toys. The products are carefully selected for their high quality and durability. You won’t invest in a toy only to find that it’s drawn its last breath after a couple uses. We also offer over 20,000 choices in lingerie.

Intimate Tickles independent consultants go through extensive training, and the knowledge they can pass on about the products and sexual health is important without a doubt…but providing fun for our hostesses and guests is of equal importance.¬†Our parties include games with prizes, themes such as Girls’ Night Out, Margarita Monday, bachelorette parties, independence/divorce celebrations, even Shades of Grey. If you’re hoping for a prim and proper/stuffy presentation, you’ll have to go elsewhere.